Easter in Provence

We spent the four days of Easter drowning in sunshine, great food and fine wine - toasting Alan's imminent decrepitude. Helen, Katie, Lydia, Alan, Dina, Todd and I were in sunny Provence, France. Specifically Les Baux-de-Povence; a very pretty, fortified town that lords over the surrounding landscape. Lydia's parents live in a beautiful house near the town, and were kind enough to act as our local guides, showing us the ruined castle, their wonderful garden, and taking us hiking through the neighbouring hills. They even posted my wallet back to the UK for me after it was stolen from our hotel room - thank you Morris and Mila!

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Shoot Shoreditch!

Shoot Shoreditch is a kind of treasure hunt - you're given clues to places, people and things around Shoreditch in London. Your target is then shot... with a camera, and you are off, racing against time to solve the next clue. Which is why Helen, Phil, Karen and I found ourselves traipsing around Shoreditch, phoning friends with internet access, ducking into internet cafes for a quick google and madly photographing everything of interest that was bracketed in the camera lens. We of the "Fat Wombat" team were determined to put in a good showing - unfortunately technology let us down in the end. It took about 5 hours (with a 1/2 hour break for a hearty pub lunch), but we had visited the various locations on the "treasure map". Our digital cameras were heavy with the images of Shoreditch. Our answer sheet had every clue answered (or at least guessed at). We were ready to consolidate the images, hand in the memory stick for judging, and sit back for a quiet beer while we waited to be given our prize. I had my notebook out... the camera was plugged in... and I managed to dump down 3 photos before the camera died! Curses! We ended up handing in the memory stick anyway, and at least a few of our photos made it onto the competition website.